UnlockMyTv on FireStick: Step-by-step Installation Guide

Welcome to the Installation Guide of UnlockMyTv APK on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. We will teach you the method by which you can quickly download and Install UnlockMyTv App on your FireStick. We will explain the whole installation process without costing you.

The UnlockMyTv app is considered as the best alternative streaming app of CyberFlix on FireStick. On this page, you can get every information about the UnlockMyTv App including its Installation process, features, and some best alternatives to choose from. TECHHUBMATER and its team do not recommend non-worthy apps. If we are giving you the Installation guide of the UnlockMyTv app, then the App must have something unique to watch on it.

Currently, we are hearing some issues and errors in the UnlockMyTv app by many Fire TV Stick users. Please don’t worry and give some time to the developers of the UnlockMyTv app and I am sure they will solve all the bugs and errors.

Introduction to UnlockMyTv App:

UnlockMyTv on FireStick is an amazing app that presents Movies and TV Shows. With no-ads, watch your favorite show and episode on the UnlockMyTv App on Fire TV Cube/Fire TV Stick. The team of developers designed the UnlockMyTv app so well that its homepage looks cool. Currently, the UnlockMyTv app is included in our top 10 FireStick streaming Apps list.

 Many people think that the UnlockMyTv App and UnlockMyTTv apps are both the same, but they are wrong. Both the streaming apps are different from each other and are designed by two different teams of developers. Moreover, people having the real-Debrid account are lucky because they can access extra links of videos in high quality. Yes! It is very amazing to have access to thousands of videos through a single streaming app on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

One important thing about the UnlockMyTv app that I wanted to describe at the start of this article, but I forgot is Subtitles Support. It means you can watch any movie or TV Show with subtitles in almost all languages, only on the UnlockMyTv app.

Procedure to Download and Install UnlockMyTv on Fire Stick 4K: 

[su_pullquote]I am going to introduce you to the easiest procedure to download and install the UnlockMyTv app on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Moreover, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and NVIDIA SHIELD users can also stay here because this guide is also going to work on their devices. In other words, this guide will let you download and install the UnlockMyTv app on all the Android operating system-based devices.[/su_pullquote]

FireStick users! We will use the Downloader App to get UnlockMyTv App. Furthermore, Mi Box and Android TV Box users can also side-load UnlockMyTv app using the Downloader App. But it can be dangerous without connecting a VPN on Fire TV Stick. Unfortunately, UnlockMyTv is a third-party app. So, the Amazon Store can’t help us in downloading and installing the UnlockMyTv app on the Amazon FireStick/Fire TV Cube.

Even kids know that the Amazon App Store will never allow us to install any third party app on Fire TV Cube. Almost all the Streaming Apps that are officially available on the Amazon App Store are not free. They cost us a lot of money that some of us can’t afford. That’s why; many Fire TV Stick users choose third-party apps to watch movies and TV Show free of cost on their device. [su_divider text=”UnlockMyTv App” anchor=””]

Get UnlockMyTv Via the Downloader App :

Let’s talk about the app through which we are going to sideload the UnlockMyTv app on FireStick/Fire TV Cube. I am talking about the Downloader App, through which we can download and Install the UnlockMyTv app. This procedure contains come tricky steps, but I tried my best to explain them in simple words, that you can easily understand.

Steps included in the procedure to download and Install the UnlockMyTv app on Fire TV Stick:

  • At the first, turn on your Fire TV Stick and get it ready to download the Downloader app
  • Navigate to the official App Store by Amazon on your Fire TV and search Downloader App there
  • Also, You can simply click on the Lenz icon on the home screen of your Fire TV Stick and then type Downloader here
  • Wait until you get results and click on the relevant one
  • Welcome to the download page of the Downloader App
  • Here, you have to press the Download (Cloud icon) or Get button
  • It starts downloading. Go and have some water until the Downloader App gets fully download
  • Press Open. It will launch your new Downloader app for the first time on your Amazon Fire TV Stick/Fire TV Cube
  • Grant the Downloader App all the permissions. We can’t use the Downloader App to side-load third-party apps like UnlockMyTv if we deny permissions
  • Click Allow
  • Also, Press Ok
  • Now we are on the home page of the Downloader App where we can see a search box
  • The Search box of the Downloader App is the field where Http:// is written
  • Here, everything is in our hands. We can paste the URL of any third-party streaming app that we want on the Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • As this is the Installation guide of UnlockMyTv app on FireStick, so we will paste the downloading URL of the UnlockMyTv app in the field after Https://
  • So, don’t look around and paste the Downloading URL of your favorite streaming app (UnlockMyTv) in the field
  • Press Go now
  • Here Downloading begins. 
  • Wait and keep arrow away from the Cancel button
  • A pop-up window will appear when downloading of the app is done
  • There is an Install option on the Pop-up window, press it and wait
  • Installation of the UnlockMyTv App begins
  • Click done. 
  • Another pop-up window will appear on the FireStick screen that asks you to delete the downloading file of the UnlockMyTv app. Press Delete
  • Downloader App will ask you one more time to delete the downloading file. Please, Press Delete again
  • Congrats! UnlockMyTv App is ready to watch on FireStick
  • Say thanks to the Downloader App. Without it, it was impossible to get UnlockMyTv App on FireStick

 [su_box title=”Read before Continue:” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#2f4468″ radius=”5″ id=”Infio”]No doubt, the UnlockMyTv app is one hundred percent legal, but it may contain some illegal content. Streaming such a video content on Amazon Fire Stick can take you in serious trouble. But connecting a VPN, You can keep your identity private while watching Movies, TV Shows, and games on the UnlockMyTv app. [/su_box]

On-Demand VPN

Here are some on-demand VPN apps for Amazon FireStick:

  • Private VPN For FireStick
  • Nord VPN For Fire TV Stick
  • Express VPN For Fire TV Stick

From the above-mentioned apps, I recommend a Private VPN. My recommendation is based on an overall review of a Private VPN. It is an affordable, legal, and secures VPN Application that will keep your privacy and your data safe over the Internet. 

How to Access UnlockMyTv App on Fire TV Cube:

Follow these steps to quickly access the UnlockMyTv app on the Amazon Fire TV Stick:

  • Click cross icon to close the Downloader app
  • Go back to the home page of your Fire TV and click Apps & Channels
  • Find the UnlockMyTv app there and select it to open
  • Launch UnlockMyTv App on your Fire TV Cube
  • Allow all the agreements & permissions asked by the UnlockMyTv app 
  • A notification “Please enjoy your Streaming” is set as default and you will face it every time you launch the UnlockMyTv app. To get rid of this, Tick the box “Don’t show it again” and then press “Thanks”
  • Welcome to the home page of the UnlockMyTv app. Do you love this? Well! I like its design and structure much
  • Trending videos are on the home page that you can quickly watch on the UnlockMyTv app
  • Search the one that you can’t find on the home page of the UnlockMyTv app
  • Go to the Settings of UnlockMyTv App and choose any default player of your choice
  • Let’s start streaming on the UnlockMyTv app

Remarkable Features of UnlockMyTv Application:

Some remarkable and demanding features that UnlockMyTv allows its users are the following:

  • Watch Movies Free on UnlockMyTv App
  • UnlockMyTv on FireStick is ad-free. 
  • On the UnlockMyTv app, Thousands of Movies, TV Shows, and Seasons are available. 
  • Legal app that provides videos in good quality
  • Download option is also available in UnlockMyTv App. Move online videos into your FireStick internal storage
  • Choose the default video player on the UnlockMyTv app. I like the MX player and I use it to watch movies on the UnlockMyTv app. You can also do the same.


Q 1: Is the UnlockMyTv App available on the Amazon App Store?

No, unfortunately not. Third-party apps like UnlockMyTv and Showbox are not available on the Amazon App Store.

Q 2: How much UnlockMyTv costs?

This streaming app will not cost you even a single penny. UnlockMyTv is free to watch on Fire TV Stick.

Q 3: Can we download Movies and Seasons on UnlockMyTv App?

Yes! You can. Click the video or movie you want to download and then press the download option. After a successful download, you can watch it any time even without an internet connection. We suggest you delete the video when you have watched it to free some space because FireStick has no much internal storage.

Q 4: Will the UnlockMyTv app put a virus on our Fire TV Stick?

No, not. UnlockMyTv App will not put a virus on your FireStick. Feel free to stream UnlockMyTv on your Fire TV Device.


After a complete research on the UnlockMyTv app, we have reached this conclusion that the UnlockMyTv App is a nice option to choose because of the bright features it affords. Following this tutorial, you can quickly get the UnlockMyTv app on all Android-based devices. We don’t recommend any non-trusted app to our viewers. And trust me; Loyalty to you is our priority. And the last thing, please visit HOWPROBLEMS.COM

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