How to make a Campfire in Minecraft

This guide will teach you how to make a campfire in Minecraft and will let you know the Campfire Minecraft recipe. Moreover, through this guide, you will learn how to craft a campfire in Minecraft. If you don’t even know how to break a campfire in Minecraft, then you are on the very right Website. And how a campfire does in Minecraft is fully explained in this post. We will discuss all the previously mentioned topics in detail.

Before starting this guide, I want to introduce you to the campfire. What is campfire Minecraft? A Campfire is a piece or a block that can be employed to make food. You can also use a campfire to serve as a glowing source or smoke sign. Moreover, if we talk about a soul campfire, it is a little modification in the campfire with greenish-blue flames.

How to Break a Campfire:

You can easily break a campfire with a tool or without a tool. A campfire can be subdued with any device, but axes are the most active. In Java Edition, you cannot destroy or move them by the pistons/ cylinders, no matter, whether they are lit or unlit. And, you can break a campfire by pistons in Bedrock Edition. As a result, a campfire will drop all the items that are placed on it.

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Cook on Campfire:

A campfire can also be utilized to make food, although it observes higher for it to make than if a stove or smoker is used. The development of food cuisine is not presented, and the menu will pop out of the campfire once made.

How do a Minecraft Campfire Lasts:

Right-click up to four raw food things on the flame, and they will seem around it, cooking concurrently. Just a little wait and the cooked version will kick off waiting to be taken after exact 30 seconds. Making with no ammunition is not bad at all.

How to use a Campfire in Minecraft:

Using a campfire in Minecraft is a simple, easy and straightforward process. And you can utilize or make use of a campfire in Minecraft like a pro. By making some food products on the campfire Minecraft, the player can point inflamed food on the list. The good thing is you can store up to four food products, which makes the objects together.

A campfire grows by waterlogging it, putting water in the same table space, or starting a splash water bottle on it. In Bedrock and PlayStation 4 editions, they also are put out by employing a scoop on it.

Campfire Minecraft Recipe:

If we talk about the Required Materials to make a Campfire, there are only a few things. In Minecraft, those are the elements you can apply to craft a Campfire in Minecraft.

3 Sticks:

First of all, you are in need of 3 sticks.

1 Coal or 1 Charcoal:

Furthermore, we need 1 charcoal. And it depends on your mood that you can also use 1 Coal.

3 Wood or 3 Logs:

Next, 3 wood are required. You can also use 3 logs here. So, you have two options here.

Start the Crafting Menu:

Get all the required items. Then, Add things to create a Campfire. In the end, simply run the Campfire to List.

How to Make a Campfire?

In Minecraft, a Campfire is an extraordinary design thing in the directory. Now, it’s time to use materials in our Campfire Minecraft recipe. It’s time to add the 3 sticks, 1 charcoal, and 3 woods in the 3×3 crafting framework.

How to Craft a Campfire in Survival Mode:

We have a frequently asked question by people which is how to craft a Campfire in Survival Mode. Our Minecraft experts always try their best to provide unique & the best solutions. Here are some steps explained below. Follow these steps to craft a campfire Minecraft in survival mode.

The steps to Craft a Minecraft Campfire in Survival mode are following:

1- Open the Crafting Menu:

First, start your crafting board so that you become the 3×3 crafting grid that seems like this.

2- Adding Recipe Materials or items to make a Campfire:

In the Campfire Minecraft crafting menu, you can see a 3×3 crafting grid. To produce a campfire, you just have to put all the items or recipe materials including 1 charcoal, 3 sticks, and 3 logs in the 3×3 crafting framework. When building a campfire, things must be put middlebox. In the second series, it is mandatory to place 1 rod, 1 charcoal or coal, and 1 stick in the first, second, and third box respectively.

Keep in mind that there must be 1 log or wood in one and all of the 3 boxes of the third row. This is a campfire Minecraft crafting ingredients. The campfire will seem in the right-sided box when you have loaded the crafting zone/area with the exact pattern.

3- Move the Campfire to the Inventory:

The third step in this simple and easy process is to transfer the new item to your list when you have crafted a campfire. And this step is as simple as it looks. Congrats! we have successfully crafted a Campfire in Minecraft.

Uses of Campfire Minecraft:

There are a lot of uses for a campfire. And we are going to discuss the most interesting & attractive uses of Campfire.

  • We can use Campfire as a source of light
  • We can use a Campfire as a decorative fireplace. At this use, the most frequently asked question by Minecraft users is “Does Campfire spread fire to the nearby blocks?” The answer is “No, it will not.
  • You can use Campfire to cook up to four food items in just 30 seconds.
  • You can cook raw beef, Raw Mutton, Raw Rabbit, Raw Chicken, Potato, and Raw Salmon using the Campfire.
  • You can also use Campfire as a marker to a Player’s base.
  • You can also collect honey using a campfire by placing it underneath the bee nest. You can easily and you will not face the anger of the bees.
  • You can use the campfire to assign harm to hosts like lava blocks.
  • You can also use soul sand to soul soil using campfire Minecraft. For this purpose, craft a soul campfire using soul sand and break it without a silk touch. As a result, the campfire will drop soul soil.

Campfire Supported Platforms in Minecraft:

The following are the Platforms that support the Campfire in Minecraft. The table is given below also provides versions along with Platforms.

Platforms Version
Java Edition (PC/Mac)1.14
Windows 10 Edition1.11.0
Pocket Edition1.11.0
Wii UNo
Xbox One1.11.0
Xbox 360No
Education Edition1.12.0
Nintendo Switch1.11.0

Campfire in Creative Mode:

1- Xbox

Platform:Version:Creative Location Menu:
Xbox One1.11.0 - 1.14.0Items

2- PS

Platform:Version:Creative Location Menu:

3- Java Edition (PC/Mac)

Platform:Version:Creative Location Menu:
Java Edition (PC/Mac)1.14 - 1.16Creative Location Menu:

4- PE

Platform:Version:Creative Location Menu:
Pocket Edition (PE)1.11.0 - 1.14.0Items

5- Nintendo Switch

Platform:Version:Creative Location Menu:
Nintendo Switch1.11.0 - 1.14.0Items

6- Win 10

Platform:Version:Creative Location Menu:
Window 10 Edition1.11.0 - 1.14.0Items

7- Education Edition

Platform:Version:Creative Location Menu:
Education Edition1.12.0Items


In this article, you can find any information related to Campfire Minecraft. This guide is written by our Minecraft experts. Each and every part of this guide is one hundred percent true and verified experimentally. You can ask any question about a campfire in Minecraft at the end of this post, in the comments section. Regards!

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