How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft
How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Here in this guide, we will learn all information about Blast Furnace, including blast furnace recipe, construction and working, how to make a blast furnace in Minecraft, how to craft a blast furnace Minecraft and how Blast Furnace Works in Minecraft.

Before starting this tutorial, you should know what a Blast Furnace is. A Blast Furnace is a section that extracts metals, metal shields, and accessories. No doubt, Blast Furnace is related to a furnace, but at twice the price and half the practice. It also works as an armorer’s worksite block.

We use a blast furnace for smelting things or items in the game, just like a furnace. But, a blast furnace smelts double as fast as a furnace. Moreover, you can observe a blast furnace in a hamlet in the Artificer’s house. No doubt, the blast furnace is a vital thing in our index of the Minecraft.

Blast Furnace in Minecraft is the most straightforward process of smelting items. We consider blast furnace better than furnace because of the double speed of the Blast Furnace. That means you can smelt items more quickly in a blast furnace Minecraft. And trust me, crafting the Blast Furnace in Minecraft is a much more comfortable and straight forward process. Using procedure of both the Blast Furnace and an ordinary furnace is almost the same.

Remember one thing. As we know, the blast furnace works twice faster than an ordinary furnace, so that a blast furnace will consume more fuel than a regular Furnace.

How Blast Furnace Works in Minecraft:

The blast furnace is a large iron stack filled with hard brick where coke, metal ore, and limestone are released into the head. While the preheated air is loaded into the floor. It would take 6 to 8 hours by the raw materials to fall to the base of the blast furnace, displaying the liquid iron and liquid slag’s final result. Then these free goods are removed from the boiler at regular periods.

The hot air that is born into the furnace’s base rises to the top for 6 to 8 seconds after passing through various chemical resistance. Start the blast furnace and keep in mind that it will continuously work for four to ten years and it will only stop with only to deliver organized preservation.

Minecraft Blast Furnace recipe:

You have nothing to do except reading this yummy Blast Furnace Recipe. To create a Mine craft Blast Furnace, you will need the following elements/accessories:

  1. Furnace
  2. Iron Ingot
  3. Smooth Stone 

Above are the things that are needed to make the furnace in the Minecraft. In Minecraft, You can easily use the above mentioned items to craft a blast furnace.

How to create a Blast Furnace in Minecraft:

Now, we are going to discuss how to create a blast furnace in Minecraft. Here we will learn the necessary things required to create a blast furnace in Minecraft.

Follow these steps to quickly create a Blast Furnace in Minecraft. All the steps needed for this process are explained here briefly.

  • First of all, Pick the formulating layer
  • Secondly, place the Blast furnace in the center/middle of the grid.
  • Thirdly, set two iron ingots on both the sides of the furnace.
  • And, in the first row, put the remaining three also.
  • Lay the three smooth stones at the bottom row, and soon you are available to craft a blasting boiler.

Blast Furnace Supported Platforms and Versions: 

A blast furnace is available in the following version of Minecraft.

Java Edition (PC/Mac)1.14
Windows 10 Edition1.11.0
Pocket Edition1.11.0
Wii UNo
Xbox One1.11.0
Xbox 360No
Education Edition1.12.0
Nintendo Switch1.11.0

How to Find a Blast Furnace in Creative Mode:

1- Xbox

PlatformXbox One
Creative Location MenuItems
Version1.11.0 - 1.14.0

2- PS

Creative Location MenuMiscellaneous
Creative Location MenuItems

3- Java Edition (PC/Mac)

PlatformJava Edition (PC/Mac)
Creative Location MenuDecoration Blocks
Version1.14 - 1.16

4- PE

PlatformPocket Edition (PE)
Creative Location MenuItems
Version1.11.0 - 1.14.0

5- Nintendo Switch

PlatformNintendo Switch
Creative Location MenuItems
Version1.11.0 - 1.14.0

6- Window 10

PlatformWindow 10 Edition
Creative Location MenuItems
Version1.11.0 - 1.14.0

7- Education Edition

PlatformEducation Edition
Creative Location MenuItems

How to Craft a Blast Furnace in Survival Mode:

Now, we are going to discuss how we can craft our Minecraft Blast furnace in survival mode. You can easily follow these simple and straightforward steps to quickly craft it (Blast Furnace) in the survival mode.

  • Open the Brewing Stand Menu:

The earliest opening of your crafting table so that you become the 3×3 crafting framework.

  • Making a Blast Furnace by Adding the Recipe Items:

You should recognize a crafting space built up of a 3×3 crafting grid in the crafting table. Place five iron ingots. Secondly, place one furnace. Thirdly, put three smooth stone in the 3×3 crafting framework to make the Minecraft Blast furnace.

While crafting a blast furnace, you must put the ferric ingot, unwrinkled stone as well as furnace, in the correct pattern. There must be three metal ingots in the first row. There should be one iron ingot in the first case in the second row, one furnace in the second box, and one ferric ingot in the three-box. In the third line, there must be three smooth stones.

Now that you become satisfied with the crafting space with the right model, the blast furnace will arise in the case to the right.

  • Move the Blast Furnace to Inventory:

Now, you have to move the Minecraft Blast Furnace to the inventory when you have done making or crafting it. Soon, you have reached the blast furnace.

Use of Blast Furnace in Minecraft:

People ask us the essential and most demanding services of Blast Furnace in Minecraft. No doubt, there are extensive uses of Blast Furnace in Minecraft, and two of them is mentioned below:

  1. To smelt ore stones: Yes, you can easily manage Blast Furnace in Minecraft to smelt accessories, ore stones, and armor as well as gold or chainmail. To do practice to the Minecraft blast furnace, you will need to place the thing and fuel over the blast furnace to improve the land of ‘lit’.You can extract items on the blast furnace twice as fast as a routine furnace, but the blast furnace will also consume fuel at the double rate as compared to furnace. You can collect the smelted object from the table by choosing ‘use item’.
  2. You can use a Minecraft blast furnace to melt down the block of metal to iron ingots swiftly. In other words, you can use Minecraft Blast Furnace for your other crafting wants. This process results utilizing an enchantment table or building a Minecraft emblem for your protection.


Here in this article, we have learned how to make a blast furnace in Minecraft. All information about blast furnace construction and working is explained in simple and easy steps. Moreover, Blast Furnace in Minecraft is on Demand these days. We have also talked about how the blast furnace works. Reading this simple tutorial, you will able to craft a Blast Furnace. If you find any step difficult or if you face any other problem/trouble, you can ask HOWPROBLEMS for help in the comments section.

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