How to Download Minecraft Dungeons For Free in 2022

This article contains a step-by-step guide on how to download and install Minecraft Dungeons on PC. We will discuss the complete download procedure to get Minecraft Dungeons on PC completely free of cost. Moreover, this guide will let you know how to play Minecraft Dungeons like a pro. I will also include some tips & tricks that might help you with improving your gameplay.

Minecraft Dungeons was released in the mid of 2020 and now it is included in the most famous and popular games of Minecraft. The Minecraft Dungeons has a big fan following in the world of Minecraft Games. As it is an on-demand title in the Minecraft Franchise, so how to download Minecraft Dungeons is a trending question. Thatís why I am writing this article to show you who you can easily download Minecraft Dungeons on your computer.

About Game:

No doubt, Minecraft Dungeons is the distinct title that delivers an eccentric adventure under the guardianship of the Minecraft Franchise. And the most interesting thing that I find in Minecraft Dungeons is its availability on different platforms. For instance, Minecraft Dungeons is available to download on Windows, Nintendo, Xbox One, and PS4. Yes! You can get action, adventure, and thrill by the first and foremost game, Minecraft Dungeons, on your PC and PlayStation

Minecraft Dungeons is a thrilling game full of action. You can power up your weapons to give injurious attacks. Moreover, you can unlock skills to make your weapons destructive and damaging. Also, you can play Minecraft Dungeons with your friends in Multi-player (Co-op) mode. The action game is full of features and good options for players to personalize their character. You can shield from enemy attacks with your heavy and powerful armor. Win levels by defeating the evil Arch-Illager. Beat new and awful mobs persuaded by Dungeons Crawlers. Discover new powerful weapons to defeat your enemies. Read this guide to download Minecraft Dungeons free for PC and enjoy the world’s best PC game.

Purchase Price of Minecraft Dungeons:

For Windows 10 PC, You have to pay 19.99 USD to purchase the Standard Edition of Minecraft Dungeons. The Standard Edition of Minecraft Dungeons contains the following features:

  • Only Base Game, nothing more than that
And you have to pay 29.99 USD to purchase the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons on Windows 10 PC. The Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons has the following features:
  • The Hero Edition package of Minecraft Dungeons contains Base
  • The Hero Edition package of Minecraft Dungeons contains Two players skin
  • The Hero Edition package of Minecraft Dungeons contains Chicken pet
  • The Hero Edition package of Minecraft Dungeons contains Two DLS Packs which are coming soon

For Xbox one, we have to pay 19.99 USD and 29.99 USD for Standard Edition Minecraft Dungeons and Hero Edition Minecraft Dungeons respectively. These packages contain the same features as Windows 10.

For Nintendo, please pay $19.99 to buy Minecraft Dungeons (Standard Edition) and $29.99 to buy Standard Edition (Hero Edition).

For PlayStation 4, there are equal charges. You can buy Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition for $19.99 and buy Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition for $29.99.

Download Minecraft Dungeons: Step-by-step Guide

The downloading procedure of Minecraft Dungeons on different platforms is almost the same. Here, we will discuss how to download Minecraft Dungeons on your Windows PC in 5 easy steps. We are going to visit the official website of Minecraft and we will download Minecraft Dungeons from there. Click here to visit the official Minecraft website.

PC Requirements:

We all know that there are always some system requirements to download install and launch particular software just like Minecraft Dungeons. Otherwise, the game may not run properly i.e. lagging, glitches, and errors. Thatís why we recommend you to check all the system requirements to enjoy a good gaming experience. Before starting the Download guide, please check your system the following requirements:

  • Your system must possess AMD Radeon HD 7870 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
  • Also, A GPU that assists DirectX 11 is required to play Minecraft Dungeons smoothly.
  • Your system must have 8GB of RAM to download and install Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Your system must have 2 GB of VRAM to run Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Minecraft Dungeons is a little heavy game. Thatís why you need a minimum of 6GB of free storage on your PC.
  • You can download and run Minecraft Dungeons on Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7. But they must are of the 64-bit version.
  • Furthermore, Your processor must be an Intel Core i5 at 2.8GHz. You can also use an AMD equivalent process.

Steps to Download Minecraft Dungeons on the Windows PC:

Follow these steps to quickly download Minecraft Dungeons on your Windows PC:

  • Go to the official website of Minecraft
  • Select the “Games” tab in the superior portion of the Minecraft Website page.
  • Find Minecraft Dungeons and select it.
  • Choose for which device (Windows, Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation) you are going to download. Like, click Windows. Then click “Buy Now”.
  • There are two packages, Standard Edition and Hero Edition. Select one according to your interest. 
  • Complete the payment process and the game will begin downloading.
  • Minecraft Dungeons has a heavy download file. So, it is going to take some time to get completely download
  • Once the download finishes, launch Minecraft Dungeons and start killing enemies. 


What is the release date of Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons was released on May 16, 2020. Within a few months, Minecraft Dungeons has made its place in the list of top 10 Action Minecraft Games.

Can I download Minecraft Dungeons on my PS4?

Yes! You can easily download Minecraft Dungeons on your PS4 through your Download Store. Moreover, you can also download and play Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox One and Nintendo.

Is Minecraft Dungeons free to download?

No! Amazing apps and games do not come free. You have to purchase Minecraft Dungeon to play it on your PC, Nintendo or PS4. Scroll up to get the Purchase Price of Minecraft Dungeons.

Is there any age restriction to play Minecraft Dungeons?

Yes! There is an age-restriction to play Minecraft Dungeons. The player must be 13+ in age.

Who is the Game Publisher of Minecraft Dungeons?

Microsoft is the Game Publisher of Minecraft Dungeons.

Who is the Game Developer of Minecraft Dungeons?

Mojang and Xbox Game Studios are the game developers of Minecraft Dungeons.

Through this post, we have learned how to download Minecraft Dungeons on PC. Minecraft Dungeons has 10M+ downloading and more than a million positive reviews. If you love to play PC Games, then the Minecraft Dungeons is the best option to choose. Furthermore, Minecraft Dungeons comes with the affordable price of only $19.99. Sometimes, there is a discount available on the price of Hero Edition Minecraft Dungeons. Keep visiting our website regularly and we will let you know whenever discount comes. For more info and any help, visit Regards!

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