Download Mi Account Unlock Tool – Remove Bypass Mi Account Password

Before going towards Download Mi Account Unlock Tool, let me describe some details of the Mi Unlock Tool. Mi is a personal account for the users to access all kinds of products and services like Mi cloud, Mi Themes, Mi stores, Mi community.

What Is MI Account Unlocking Tool

When you forgot your Mi account password and needed to Unlock your Mi account, a device/ instrument that can be used to remove or bypass your Mi account verification, it is the most excellent tool for removing the account and bypass the account. Using this tool, you able to bypass your account or delete/disable your Mi account. In this device now only two services available.

Any time you reset your device. First, to login account paste your Mi account ID without entring the detail you can not use the device. After that, your choice is a bypass. you have two options. First, you choose the password and region to log in if you do not enter the correct ID when you use the device to bypass the Mi account or disable Mi account.

Download Mi Account Unlock Tool

Xiaomi Technology develops mi account for the MIUI system. it is a cloud service function and very handy for users. It used for backup data of your device. The user can add the Mi account in the MIUI system and secure the contacts, text messages, photo albums, and some phone settings. In Mi account, save data to must back up all data using the computer or other MIUI devices.

File name Mi account Unlock Tool.rar
DeveloperMobile Software Advance
Supported OsWindows 7/8/8.1/10

How To Use Mi Account Unlock Tool

This is not easy to rest your device using this Mi Unlock Tool. This Unlock Tool kit is extremely straightforward. First, you will need to boot your device into recovery mode. After that, boot your device into pc mode. After that follow the given instruction.

  1. If to have installed antivirus in your pc so please you need to turn off it earlier modeling.
  2. Open the extracting folder and run the “MiAccountUnlockTool.exe
  3. The application will be display on your screen. Now you reboot your device into retrieval mode. First, turn off your phone. After that, you press the power on button and volume up button at the same time and pressing them till you see the Mi logo or
  4. Connect the USB(smartphone utilization) cable to the pc.
  5. In the tool, click on the info button to know your device is connected or not. If it connects then you see the all telephone information in it. In case it not connected with the device that means it is understood from the tool. Now you need to go back and install the proper Mi account unlock tool USB driver again.
  6. Now, press “Bypass Mi Account” to cancel cloud confirmation or Xiaomi FRP lock.
  7. Do not link to the internet until you have booted to the primary display.
  8. If your phone is not a startup correctly do not plug out the device.

Reasons For Blocking Mi Accounts

  1. Some time user forgot the password and enter the wrong password. When the user enters the wrong password much time the account has been blocked and the phone is completely locked.
  2. Some time this lock problem faces by the user when the user resets the phone settings. After that, the user starts the phone and tries to log in and the phone said the wrong password. If the phone show this message then don’t worry it is easy to restored password.
  3. This Mi account lock problem user can be faced when the user purchases a used device. Honest sellers delete the account in advance and sell the device in the factory form. So the user must check the device completely before purchasing.

Supported Devices

Mi account unlocks tool is very useful. It is necessary for MI users. If you use Mi phones then you must need Mi account and it also needs to unlock. So Mi account unlocks tool used to unlock it and able to use the phone. If you attempt the wrong password your device completely lock and not able to use. Now here we discuss with you which devices are supported by this tool.

  • Redmi note 3
  • Redmi 3S Prime
  • Redmi note 4
  • Redmi 4A
  • Redmi note 5
  • Redmi 5A
  • Redmi note 6
  • Redmi 6A
  • Redmi note 6 pro
  • Redmi note 7 pro

Feature of Unlocking Mi Account

There is some Mi account unlocking feature we discuss with you. It is important for all the users and wants to use these features.

  • Contact
  • Messages
  • Gallery
  • Notes
  • Recordings
  • Find device

1- Contacts

After unlocking you able to use your contact easily. You will be able to change your contact information if necessary. You will be able to restore contacts, add contacts, marge contacts, delete contacts. You must make sure you were using the MIUI latest version. Now you open the Mi account app on your device and sign in.

2- Messages

In Mi cloud, you can also access your messages. All call logs are stored and receive all mobile numbers easily.

3- Gallery

You can sync your photo, videos easily. And you make sure no one single photo will be lost. You can be performed many features with Mi cloud-like deleting/ adding photo album, editing photo information, and also recover deleted photos.

4- Notes

Using desktop you manage your notes easily. Mi cloud id able to delete notes, add new notes, edit in notes. For add notes write this expression.

“Mi cloud – >Notes – > Click + icon”

5- Recording

Mi cloud manage your all recording and also save them in the computer.

6- Find devices

This feature is awesome. If your phone is lost using this feature you trace your phone and access your phone and also arise your important data in it.

Benefits Of Unlocking Mi Account

Mi account is a very useful personal account. It highly protects your device and device data. There are many benefits to unlock MI account.

  • It is a window to protect your phone.
  • It can provide you with custom recovery and also Roms.
  • The user can recover all files without losing data.
  • It can remove bloatware and other preloaded files.
  • It can provide complete data backup.

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