Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Some Discord Application users face audio problems in their Discord Screen Share feature. They try to get rid of all the audio-related problems but fails. Here we are going to help them in solving Discord Screen Share Audio problems.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to settle your Discord Screen Share Audio not working mess. This guide is going to help those who face no audio issues while streaming Discord Screen. We know that every problem must have some solutions but we have to find the best way to solve our problems.

What is Discord?

Discord is a very well-known app that has users all around the globe. No doubt, this app is used by all Gamers to communicate with each other. During Game Sessions, Players use Discord to communicate with other players while playing games.

In other words, Discord is a widely used application that all players to talk with each other while playing online games. Discord Screen Share is free of errors and bugs, but some people face audio working problems several times.

Reasons That Cause no Audio on Discord Screen Share Issues:

Several cases cause audio not working problems on Discord Share Screen. After complete research and troubleshooting by our Discord Screen Share experts, we find these several reasons:

Out-dated Audio Drivers: 

Out-dated Audio Drivers in your PC can be a possible reason for Audio not working on Discord Share Screen. If your Audio drivers are corrupt, you will experience Audio issues on Discord Screen Share.

Application Issues: 

Some applications are not made fit with Discord. That means they will not work properly with Discord. We can’t deal with this problem. The only possible solution is to find those application alternatives. 

Administrative Access:

You must have administrative access to other computers. In simple words, you can now use the Discord application to share your entire screen to other computers. For this purpose, you have permissions and have administrative access to another computer. Otherwise, you will face Audio not working on the Discord Screen Share problem/issue.

Audio Feature in the Initial phase:

TheAudio feature in the initial phase is not stable enough with the Discord Screen Share Mechanism that results in audio not working issue on Discord.

Discord Audio Not Working Solutions:

To fix no audio on Discord Screen Share, we are going to try three unique solutions. I suggest you not to make your hands dirty trying other technical solutions. Follow the below explained detailed solutions as explained step by step.

Solution 1: Grant Elevated Access:

First, I want to make it clear that Discord was working problems without any issue before the incoming of the new Discord Screen Share feature. After this update in Discord application, we are having complaints and questions about Discord Screen Share Audio not working problem. This feature concerns more privacy. Maybe this feature will not work on discord in normal mode. You have to grant Discord’s Administrative rights.

 To grant Elevated Access, you should follow these steps: 
  • First of all, Press Windows + E. It will launch File Explorer.
  • Secondly, navigate to the directory where discord application is installed (Located in Local Disk C Program Files).
  • Now right click on Discord Application.
  • Then, Select Properties
  • Now, in the second row, click on the Compatibility option.
  • Turn on “Run this program as an administrator” Option
  • Then, click Apply to save the changes that we have made.
  • Click Ok
  • In the end, click the Cross icon to exit this tab.

Solution 2: Don’t Use Full Screen:

We noticed that many users face audio problems and bugs during Screen Share Utility when focusing on an application or game in the full-screen mode of Discord. In this situation, discord does not transmit audio properly. So, avoid full-screen mode on Discord while Screen sharing.

Solution 3: Add your Game Activity:

Discord automatically detects your activity. It detects what you are performing as maintained by it. But sometimes, when you are sharing the game screen, discord gets confused. This results in bugs and errors including no sound on discord screen share problem.

To avoid this problem, developers made a new feature where you can manually select your game or other application whose screen you are going to share with your teammate. Try to use this feature to avoid no audio on Discord issues.

 Follow these steps to add your Activity on Discord: 
  • Firstly, launch your Discord Application on your PC or Laptop.
  • Go to its Settings having a gear icon.
  • In the Settings menu, click/ press the Entry of Games option.
  • Now, Add the game or other application in the Game Activity section in which you face no audio problems while screen sharing. By doing this step, you can easily focus on your game using Discord. That means no sound issue which Discord screen sharing. If your game is already listed in the Game Activity section and still you are facing audio not working on Discord problem, remove the game from the Game Activity list and add it again. I am damn sure, it will be a good solution.
  • You can also turn on the Overlay feature that may solve audio working problems on Discord.

Solution 4: Use Push to Talk:

No doubt, the Discord application has unique features in it for its users. One of the attractive features is detecting an audio activity automatically and then it is transmitted to your partner over the internet. But due to the beta feature of Discord Screen Share with sound, it is not transmitted properly. In this case, Discord users face several problems and errors.

Other Possible Ways to Solve Discord Screen Share No Audio Problem:

No Audio in Discord Screen Share is a common issue and we are going to solve this through this straightforward and simple guide. 8 possible solutions may fix Audio not working problem while Screen Sharing on the Discord application. I suggest you try all the ways and I am fully sure one of them will work.

So, what are you waiting for? We are going to discuss all the eight ways to solve the Audio Working problem on Discord Screen Share one by one.

 There are the following 8 possible solutions to solve Discord Screen Share no Audio Chrome: 
  1. Restart your Laptop/Computer
  2. Update Discord Application
  3. Check Audio Drivers in Your PC
  4. Clear App Cache
  5. Disable Antivirus in your PC temporarily
  6. Reset all the Audio Settings on Discord
  7. Check Your Computer Microphone & Audio Settings
  8. Uninstall it and then, Reinstall Discord

Way 1: Restart your Laptop/Computer

Sometimes your CPU and software are not working smoothly that may cause Audio problems which Discord Screen sharing. Give your PC a little time break. Turn it off and restart it after a few minutes. Launch your Discord Application again and check the Audio transmitting progress. It should work properly. Try the next way if this way could not solve your issues.

Way 2: Update Discord Application

Updates of appscome regularly after a specific interval to remove bugs and errors in the application. If you face Audio problems that Discord Screen Sharing for a long interval, there may be errors in the recent update. At this stage, I suggest you check your Discord Application version.

If you find it out-date, update it to the latest version. I hope the new update will fix all the Audio related issues on Discord Screen Share.

 Follow these steps to update Discord Application on your Computer/Laptop/PC: 
  • Close your Discord Application and all the apps in which Discord is in the background working
  • There is a Windows key on your keyboard, Press it
  • You can also select the Search Box having the Lenz icon in the Taskbar
  • Please type Run in the search box
  • In the search result list, press the Run option
  • Open Run Command
  • Type “%localappdata%” in the Run Command Box
  • Double Click to open Discord Folder
  • Now Double Click Update.exe option & Wait
  • The update process is in progress
  • It may take several minutes to complete
  • When the update process completes, launch the Discord Application again
  • Hope the Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working issue is solved 

Way 3: Check Audio Drivers in Your PC

The other possible way to get rid of audio not working on Discord problems is to check all the Audio drivers on your computer. Maybe some of them are outdated or may not be installed correctly. Install the latest Audio Drivers on your computer/PC. Keep in mind, audio drivers connect hardware on your computer with the operating system. Also, Audio Drivers are the main component. Small trouble in the audio drivers can cause many problems including no audio on the Discord Screen Share problem.

 Follow these steps to install the latest Audio Drivers on your Computer: 
  • Turn on your Computer.
  • Right-click on “My Computer” and select Manager Option in the list.
  • In the Device Manager window, click to expand the Audio inputs and outputs category.
  • Then, press the Sound Hardware option
  • And select Uninstall Device
  • In the next step, select Scan for Hardware changes after right-clicking anywhere on the computer screen.
  • Select Update Driver after right-clicking the Audio driver
  • In this way, you can update the Audio Drivers through the Windows Update center
For Your Information:
If you find the above way difficult to Update Audio Drivers, you can also download the latest Audio Drivers for your PC/Computer through the Manufacturer’s Website. After their complete downloading, you can easily install them on your Laptop/PC/Computer.

Way 4: Clear App Cache

Clearing App cache or Roaming Data is another easy way to solve the Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Problem. Clearing the Cache may prove helpful. It is very simple, easy, and straightforward to clear Discord Application Cache. Discord has a cache to save users’ preferences and other temporary data. Moreover, Discord makes dozens of cache during a single call. And, it is not an alarming thing. Usually, all apps especially games make their cache. So, don’t worry about it. If there is some corrupted cache, it will cause problems especially Audio not working on Discord Screen Share. The only solution is to get rid of this corrupted cache.

 Follow these steps to quickly clear the cache on Discord Application: 
  • Close your Discord Application and all the apps in which Discord is in the background working
  • On your keyboard, there is a Windows key. Press it
  • Select the Search Box having the Lenz icon
  • Please type Run in the search box
  • In the search result list, press the Run option
  • Open Run Command
  • Now type % appdata% in the Run Command Box
  • After pressing Enter, you will get a new windows/tab on your screen. In the Roaming folder of app data, find your Discord App folder
  • Right-click on the Discord App Data folder and select the Delete option.
  • In this way, you can quickly and easily clear the cache
  • The last step is to restart your Computer and then Launch the Discord App. Hope you will not face Audio Screen Share problems furthermore

Way 5: Disable Antivirus in your PC temporarily

You can try this way if you facing no audio while streaming on Discord. Your Antivirus can also be a possible reason for this Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working trouble. To rule out this possibility, disable your antivirus temporarily. If it works and you get rid of Audio problems, change your antivirus. If you can’t change your antivirus, contact the seller/developer of your antivirus application and ask them for a possible solution.

Way 6: Reset all the Audio/Voice Settings on Discord

The other way to fix Audio problems on Discord is by resetting all the Audio or voice Settings on the Discord Application. Maybe your Discord Voice Settings are not proper. I am going to share some easy steps. Following them, you can easily reset all the Audio/Voice Settings on Discord.

 The steps are: 
  • The first step is to run the Discord Application on your Laptop/PC/Computer
  • There is a Setting option on the lower right corner. Click this Gear icon.
  • There are many settings options. Find Voice and Video options and press it.
  • You can see the Reset Voice Settings option at the last place. Click it
  • Click Okay
  • Now Share Discord Screen Again and test Audio
  • It should be solved and if not, try the next way

Way 7: Check Computer Microphone & Audio Settings

We are very sorry if the above methods do not work. But don’t take tension. We are here with another possible solution. Maybe there is no problem with your Discord Application. It is also possible that the audio device in your computer is not working well. You must have access to the microphone to transmit audio during screen share on Discord. Let’s configure all the microphone settings on your PC/Computer/Laptop. Let’s do it step by step.

 There are the following steps to configure Microphone Settings on Computer: 
  • Close or minimize all the Applications on your computer.
  • Click the search icon. You can also press Windows key + S to open the Search box
  • Type microphone privacy settings in the search box and press Enter
  • Select the microphone privacy settings option in the search result
  • Allow apps to access the microphone option must be turned on. If you find it off, turn this option on by clicking it.
 Follow these steps if you are still facing Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working problem: 
  • First of all, right-click on the Sounds icon in the Taskbar and then click on the Sounds option
  • Now click on the Recording option. Here you can select the correct audio recording device.
  • Then, select your correct recording microphone. Enable the correct recording device and set it as the default device.
  • In the end, save changes and close the tab.
  • Restart your computer/laptop and launch Discord.
  • Test Audio and congrats!

Way 8: Uninstall it and then, Reinstall Discord

The last possible solution/way, if all the above ways didn’t work is uninstalling the Discord Application and then, reinstall it on your PC/Computer.

 Please follow these steps: 
  • Open Control Panel
  • Select View and then press Category
  • Select Uninstall a program
  • Select or Right-click Discord
  • Click Uninstall
  • Now download Discord and install it
  • Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working issue should be fixed now


In this guide, we have learned how to solve Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working problems. We discussed many solutions to solve no audio on Discord Screen Share issues. We have described all the possible solutions one by one. Furthermore, we have also shared some possible reasons for this common Discord no audio problem.

No doubt, this is a detailed guide on How to solve Audio Working problems on Discord Screen Share. Our experts tried their best to find some unique ways to solve your problems and we are always available to answer your questions. And don’t forget to visit our website for more interesting Tech guides. Moreover, if you know another way to solve no sound on Discord problem, please share it with us in the comments section.  

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