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Curse of Vanishing Minecraft

What does Curse of Vanishing do in Minecraft?

The curse of vanishing is considered one of the sarcastic and vanquished enchantments in Minecraft. Honestly, there are CoinJoin not many benefits from this enchantment unless you want to tease someone. The essential purpose of this curse is to fade away any item present in a player’s inventory.

That means when you curse an item, including a weapon, tool, or anything else, that item will disappear when your player dies. So you’ll lose that vanished item from the Minecraft world. It’s kind of a heartbreaking thing.

There are some hidden ways to get this dark magic trick during the game. Although you have to know the after-effects of this enchantment, you can lose something special in your inventory. Even if you accidentally get killed during an encounter. As it’s a trending topic, so we’re going to discuss the curse of vanishing along with the significant aspects.

How to get Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

Curse Of Vanishing

Do you know how to get curse of vanishing in Minecraft? There are several ways to get the vanishing curse in the game. However, this charm will not be found on the enchantment table. The only way to get this curse is by getting the chest loot or doing some fishing tricks. Along with that, you can also get this enchantment by the trading method. Well, during the fishing drop method, the player will indeed find any cursed book. So it’s obvious to say, it can be good or bad luck to see the enchanted containing the curse of vanishing.

The player can also get this dark enchantment by the trading method. For that, firstly you have to find a village, where you can search for the village’s librarian. Then you have totrade the cases of books and pulpits for getting the cursed book. You can try more trading methods to get the right cursed book to get this vanishing curse.

Additionally, the chest loot contains different cursed books as well. Therefore, the player can also try finding and obtaining the chest loot. So with some luck, the player can see this curse. The chest loots can be found in the dungeons and the areas of the temples.

Use of vanishing curse in Minecraft:

The player can use the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft to vanish any item from the game forever. However, the fundamental purpose of this curse is to get revenge on somebody. When the player curses an item, it will vanish from the world of Minecraft after the player dies. Typically, the item will be dropped after the player dies. So the enemy will also not get the dropped item after killing the player. Because the cursed item will vanish from the world, and it can’t be recollected.

Moreover, the player doesn’t have to wear the cursed item during the game. Because after the player dies, the cursed item will have automatically vanished from the player’s inventory. This curse can also be considered as a deceiving trick to the enemies because they can’t even collect the dropped item after killing you.

As we know, there are different levels of enchantments within the gaming progress. This vanishing curse has a maximum level of 1, so you can only curse an item with a level 1 enchantment.

Facts about the Curse of Vanishing:

curse of vanishing

There are some facts you should know about vanishing curse in Minecraft that are described below:

  • This curse can also be enchanted on a compass
  • Even a grindstone can’t undo the vanishing course
  • This curse can be obtained with fishing, villager trading, and chest loot
  • Vanishing curse was included in the exploration update of Minecraft v1.11
  • The maximum stag of this enchantment is level 1
  • There are 02 negative curses in the Minecraft game. The curse of binding and curse of vanishing
  • The carved pumpkins can also get the this curse
  • The combination of specific items in the table can eliminate this curse

Methods to remove the Curse of Vanishing Minecraft:

Many people wonder if really there’s a way to remove the vanishing cure from the item. Well, yes, the player can get rid of the curse of vanishing in the game. Although the method is a bit tricky, you can still remove the curse. The grindstone can eliminate other enchantments in the game. But as we mentioned before, it can’t remove the vanishing curse.

For eliminating this curse, first of all, you have to find a similar item to the cursed one in your inventory. If you can find the same item, then you can proceed to the next step. But if you can’t find the item, you can do the crafting process for making the un-enchanted item similar to the cursed item.

For crafting, you have to arrange the same method of recipes comparatively as you have crafted the old ones. Therefore, you can open the craft table and organize the recipes for the item.

After creating the item, you have to unify the newly created un-enchanted object with the cursed item. That’s how you can remove the vanishing curse from the cursed item in your inventory. Plus, you can also repair your items in the inventory by the crafting table method.

Platforms to support:

The developers have added the vanishing curse in the Minecraft game accordingly to the versions of platforms. Here is the list of given supported platforms for this new addition of enchantment.

  • V1.51 in PS3
  • V1.16.0 in Nintendo Switch
  • V1.11 in Mac and PC (java edition)
  • TU54 in Xbox 360
  • Patch 24 in Wii U
  • V1.16.0 in windows 10
  • V1.16.0 in PS4
  • V1.16.0 in Xbox One
  • V1.16.0 in Pocket edition


How many curses are there in Minecraft?

Well, there are many enchantments available in this game. But there are 2 negative and dangerous curses added in this game, including the curse of binding and the curse of vanishing.

Can the grindstone remove the vanishing curse?

The grindstone can remove many other enchantments on the item. Although it cants, remove the vanishing curse. That’s why the vanishing curse is considered to be one of the most dangerous curses included in this game.

Will the player get any advantage from this curse?

Basically, this curse is used to get revenge on somebody in the game. Because a player can curse any opponent’s unique item, the opponent will lose that cursed item after dying.

How can the player obtain this curse through fishing?

The player can do the fishing drop method to find the vanishing curse. Because in every fish drop, the player can get different enchantments. Thus, you can keep trying to find the other cursed books, where you’ll get the vanishing curse.

What are the stages of this curse?

The vanishing curse has a maximum stage of the level 1 curse. Therefore, the play can only enchant an item with a level 1 curse.

Is it easy to remove the vanishing curse?

Well, it’s not much difficult to remove this curse if you know the trick. The player has to find the same item as the cursed item in the inventory. Or the player can use the crafting table to create a new similar item with the same recipes. Thus, then unifying these 02 items will remove the this curse from the cursed item.


In the conclusion, we can hopefully say that the curse of vanishing is one of the most negative enchantments included in the game. In the standard gameplay, if the player is wearing an item and get killed in an encounter. The worn item will be dropped when the player dies. But in this case, the cursed item will vanish from the world of Minecraft. And the player will not be able to recollect the cursed object from the inventory. Although some players get an advantage through this enchantment

Additionally, many players use this enchantment to get revenge on somebody in the game. Thus, they can curse any unique item of the opponent. Moreover, this curse in Minecraft can also be removed by the table crafting method of a similar item.

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